3 Unique Goodies That You Can't Miss For An Instagrammable CNY

3 Unique Goodies You Can't Miss For An Instagrammable CNY

Ah, Chinese New Year. It’s the one day of the year you bother to dress up in something new and fancy. Because knowing your cheeky friends and family, you’ll be roped into the impending flurry of family shots, whether you like it or not. It’s a day when everyone’s sharing their stories online, be it about beautifully-laden feasts, camera-ready Chinese New Year goodies, or #OOTDs. It’s a special day of celebration, but also an implicit competition of who garners the most likes on social media.

Since food is the soul of all social gatherings, celebrate this year with unique CNY Instagrammable goodies and stand out from the rest. Break the ice with friends and family and spark conversation with the likes of our eccentric snacks, starting from red velvet, to durian-flavoured cookies. 

Discover exceptional snacks made from a fusion of new and old with Durian Law. So good, you won’t be able to resist sharing about all of them on your Instagram.

1. Red Velvet Cookies

When you think red, your intuitive mind automatically associates it with CNY decor for your home. But for Durian Law, we saw an opportunity to go one step further. 

Behold, the red velvet CNY cookie! Usher in the new year with these auspiciously coloured cookies.

Typically seen in the most decadent of Western desserts like red velvet muffins and cupcakes, these odd little cookies with an Asian twist will stand out from your table of usual CNY goodies.

Not only does its distinct look add to the festive occasion, but it's also oh-so-addictive. No one can resist rich chocolatey flavours coupled with the soft, chewy butter texture in a cookie. Made with the most indulgent ingredients, they melt in your mouth with every bite. Nothing says “Happy Chinese New Year” better than these red velvet cookies.

2. Durian Cookies

Our quirky escapade of CNY goodies doesn’t end here. Another ingredient you wouldn’t usually add to cookies is durians.

Durian puffs, durian cakes, durian mooncakes and durian ice creams are the usual suspects for durian-flavoured desserts, mainly because it’s easier to use a fresh puree in these confectioneries to get impactful flavours. 

The strength of durian flavours are not known to translate well to cookies, but these durian cookies beat the odds. Their explosive durian flavour can overpower your mouth instantly with dizzying satisfaction.

Don’t be fooled by its delicate exterior because as much as the camera loves these dainty star-floral sweets, it’s also deceivingly demure and packs a punch. If only we could post smell on Instagram, it would draw everyone within a 10-metre radius.

The secret? It’s made with real Mao Shan Wang, which gives the durian cookie that signature bittersweet taste you’re familiar with. But it’s also taken up a notch with the intense flavours of luxurious creamy butter.

Your friends and family's greedy hands are sure to reach the bottom of the bottle in no time. It's so addictive. You can't just stop at one.

3. Crispy Cornflakes and Rice Crackers

Remember the good old days of munching on rice marshmallow crackers as a kid? Relive the nostalgia with our crispy cornflakes and rice crackers.

An innovative take on the traditional almond slice snack that you see at every CNY table, these thin slices have cornflakes speckled in between chunks of baked rice. And rice, being an essential item at every Chinese New Year, is also a deliberate detail to signify happiness and prosperity through this snack. Glossed in a reflective sugary sheen, just looking at this CNY goodie gets your mouth watering.

A one-of-a-kind CNY snack you can only get at Durian Law, you’re bound to attract curious comments streaming into your newsfeed. Not to mention, these sweet non-baked treats are the easiest way to the little one’s hearts. Lure your little cousins, nieces and nephews with this delightful snack, and you’ll have a snapshot of a memory that lasts forever.

The Best Versions of The Classics

Of course, who can forget the classics? If you prefer to keep your Chinese New Year goodies simple but powerful, here are some of our best classic CNY snacks that you can buy.

  • Pineapple ball or pineapple tart filled with freshly picked pineapple jam, and handmade in Singapore
  • Love letters made the traditional way
  • Prawn rolls with freshly caught shrimp direct from Malaysia and baked in Singapore

Pick a bottle or two of your favourite snack. Or go for four bottles, and get a free can of 10-head abalone. Distributed to 80% of hotels in Singapore, our stocks run out fast, grab yours today!