How Do You Enjoy Chinese New Year Snacks Without Putting On Weight?

Secret Hacks To Enjoy Chinese New Year Snacks Guilt-Free


With calorie woes and health warnings nagging at you from every corner, you’re more resolved than ever this year to avoid these extra calories that are tough to shed.

But Chinese New Year (CNY) just isn’t the same without snacks. Not to mention how unprepared you are in resisting the bountiful display of glorious goodies that are sure to flood your mind this coming festive season.

What if there’s a hack around this?

Not all CNY goodies are created equal… in calories that is. Instead of depriving yourself of all of the treats entirely, you can easily swap out high caloric bites for those with less sinful ingredients or are lower in calories.

So you can still eat, enjoy and be merry while avoiding packing on the garish CNY pounds. Read on to find out how you can strategize your sweet picks, and cheat your way into enjoying your CNY snacks.


1. Nuts Galore

Compared to any other CNY goodies, nuts are the healthiest in the mix. Nuts are satisfying snacks even in their most natural states, and it’s the least processed food on the table.

Free from sugars and seasonings full of sodium, roasted nuts are just the tactical go-to snack you need to nip your salty cravings in the bud.


Cashew Nut

Fresh out of the pan, roasted cashews have alluring aromatic nutty flavours, are high in protein, rich in fibre, and good fats for your heart.

Cashew nuts taste great as is, lightly dusted with salt and pepper, or a sprinkle of sugar if you prefer the sweet route.


Shelled Peanuts

Shelled peanuts are another rich protein source. They are filled with nourishing nutrients that your body needs, like magnesium, antioxidants and fibre, especially if you’ve been skipping your daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

Peanuts contain polyunsaturated fats that can lower your bad cholesterol as well - handy if you’ve overeaten at steamboat.

Last but not least, fresh peanuts are fun to deshell, and they act as a wonderful buffer between awkward conversations with relatives you don’t see all that often.


Fresh Almonds

Like peanuts and cashews, almonds have the same cholesterol-lowering and fibre qualities.

But what sets it apart from other nuts is its ability to reduce blood sugar levels. In other words, with a single ounce of almond, you can even enjoy a starchy meal.

As CNY snacks, you can find fresh almonds toasted. Or, if you want to indulge a little, you can enjoy them as baked almond slices, florentines, or even as melting almond cookies, if eaten in moderation.


2. Kueh Bangkit

Only 15kcal per piece, these decadent delights belong to one of the lower-calorie calibres of CNY snacks.

If you tend to be wary around putting excessive amounts of carbohydrates in your system this Chinese New Year, you should gravitate towards the melt-in-your-mouth Kueh Bangkit delights.

These cookies are low in saturated fats, sugar, and sodium content compared to other snacks. Perfect for when you’re counting your calories, but can’t help but desire something sweet.

It’s a fantastic substitute to curb your persistent sugar cravings for traditional pineapple tarts or love letters that have infamously high calories.


3. Prawn Rolls

A moderate 23-25kcal per piece, your point of attack on a table full of CNY goodies should always start with prawn rolls.

Because they are so low in calories per roll compared to the other snacks you see, these bites are your source of savoury salvation. Plus, a little shrimp can serve as a source of calcium and protein.

If you find yourself edging towards the sinful and oily Bak Kwa, which is high in sodium and preservatives, remind yourself to switch tracks and reach out to yummy prawn spring rolls instead, as the better alternative.



Durians are, after all, a fruit. Which means it also carries actual health benefits if eaten sparingly. Durians are a surprisingly nutritional source of vitamin C and potassium.

Potassium acts as a mood lifter and an energy booster. It also regulates your blood pressure, if you happen to have eaten anything high in cholesterol during the CNY holidays.

So the answer is yes! You can still pamper yourself with some mouth-watering durians over the lunar new year.


Have A Guilt-Free CNY

To conclude, your bottom line tactic for CNY snacks this year is to eat in moderation and avoid binging.

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself and drink lots of water! And trust us, it never hurts to do a little post-CNY exercise to relieve any guilt from munching on this year’s sweet treats.

With this well thought out strategy, you no longer have to give up entirely on enjoying the CNY goodies you’ve been looking forward to all year long.

From all of us at Durian Law to you, have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!