The Exact Durian Season Months To Get Your Durian Fix

Man holding a durian

Durian cravings hit you all of a sudden. You roll up your sleeves and attempt shopping at your usual haunts for that desirable yellow custard fruit. Only, either you don’t see the stalls you frequent, or stall owners tell you that they’re all out of stock for your favourite durians. To your horror, it’s the dreaded off-peak durian season in Singapore.

Durians are not year-round fruits, and it can be so aggravating when we miss the season because it means another few months wait. And because you’ve had it with the annoying delay, you’re looking to be more pro-active in your durian hunts and stay ahead of the curve.

We’ve got just the thing for you. Read on to know precisely when durian season is in full swing, so you can always get the best of the King of Fruits.

Why Do Durians Have Seasons?

durian tree

Before we can dive into which peak durian months to sync our durian cravings to, let’s first find out why durian seasons exist at all.

Have you ever wondered why there’s such a thing as off-peak durian season in Singapore, and then there are times when there are bumper crops?

Well, the answer lies with the monsoon season.

Durians only flourish every few months, parallel to the monsoon period. And the reason why durians follow the monsoon curve is that durians can only flower during dry spells in hot and sunny climates, just between the wet monsoon months.

It takes the durian tree up to 4 months before the durian fruit itself is ready for harvest after flowering. So there will be off-peak months when the durian plantations are still flowering and not bearing fruit just yet. And because different parts of Malaysia have distinct Monsoon periods, durian seasons also vary depending on which region they’re from.

Now that we know why durian seasons exist let’s delve into which months are perfect for getting your durian appetite going at the lowest price.

January - March

new durian growing on the tree

The beginning of the year is always a minor season for durians because it’s when the dry season begins. From January to March, it’s mostly known as the flowering season for durians.

But if you’re lucky enough to get them, certain regions in Malaysia will bear durian fruits twice a year instead of once. From December to January, areas like Pahang have a minor fruit-bearing season.

In this short season, you can still get favourites like:

Harvested from durian trees in Pahang straight to you in Singapore, albeit at higher prices given the low supply.

May - June

In the second quarter of the year, the highly anticipated durian peak season begins. It’s when the North, South, West, and South regions of Malaysia all light up in green as durian trees start dropping the high season’s first fruits.

These include fresh Penang durians like Red Prawn, Hor Lor and even the rare Black Thorn. You can also expect to see durian farms in Johor start to kick durian harvesting into high gear, with the likes of popular seeds such as:

  • Golden Phoenix, and
  • D17 durians

Jul - Sep

a basket of durians

During July and August, durian plantations break into the full-fledge durian high peak season. It’s when the dry weather periods across all the Malaysian regions coincide to form perfect conditions for the durian tree to bear fruit, which is why you start to see bumper crops and low prices for fresh durians in the market over this period.

Most of the durian breeds will be available during this time, including:

  • The new Lima Jari durian from Malacca,
  • D101 Johor Mas from Muar,
  • Green Skin Durian from Segamat,
  • Tekka 160 and D13 from Johor

Oct - Dec

As the monsoon season brews over the horizon, the end of the year is usually an off-season for durians.

Although durians are in low supply at this time, you can still get durians from a select few locations like Jerantut, Bentong, Lipis, Raub, and Temerloh in Pahang.

At this point, fresh durian prices will start to climb again due to the low supply.

Know When To Enjoy Durians All-year Round

Now you know how durian seasons occur and the exact months to splurge on the best durians. You’ve also found other minor seasons sprinkled throughout the year, which you can use to your advantage when planning out your durian feasts.

Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll know when the right time is to source fresh durians or when to give in and resort to sweet durian treats like Mao Shan Wang Durian Puff and Mao Shan Wang Mousse Cake instead so that you can treat yourself to durians, all-year-round.