The First-Timer’s Secret Guide To Hosting Chinese New Year

The First-Timer’s Secret Guide To Hosting Chinese New Year

We’ve reached that time of year again. Our schedules become hectic as it fills with sourcing for the best pineapple tarts and Bak Kwa in Singapore, islandwide visits to homes of relatives, extended families, and even friends over this festive period.

But this year in 2021 is special. You’ve been given the honour to host the coveted Chinese New Year at your home. As a first-time host of Chinese New Year in Singapore, you’re uneasy about pulling this off on your own. Fret not! Follow our foolproof guide, read on for tips on how to host the perfect CNY for your friends and family.


Step 1: Spring Clean

First things first, prime your home for the perfect Chinese New Year by giving it a good clean. 

Only by leaving the past year behind and clearing the build-up of old unnecessary items can you welcome fresh luck and prosperity in your home in 2021. Aim to go minimal, and make space for all the new things you’ll bring in for the exciting new year. Open windows to let out the musty air of 2020, and draw in the cool breeze and natural light of 2021 to grace your lovely home.


Step 2: Get CNY Decorations and Flowers

Just as our fellow Westerners have intricate winter-themed Christmases and Christmas cakes to match, Chinese New Year is a momentous celebratory event that deserves some spectacular decorating too.

Start with your dining table, because it sets the tone for the festive mood. The dining table is where everyone gathers for the all-important Lo-Hei; where the massive CNY feast ensues; even where the occasional fun and games play out through the night. Here are some elements you can add to give it an authentic CNY vibe.

Snacks and Fresh Mandarin Oranges

A lovely table set with classic CNY snacks like Kueh Bangkit, pineapple tarts and Mandarin Oranges will be sure to earn you a thumbs-up and praise from the elders. Throw in a Chinese teapot for a traditional touch to gain extra brownie points. Give it a modern spin with an auspicious deep red table runner to symbolise elegance and prosperity. 


Mini ingots signify luck and riches for the new year. Sprinkle some of them on your table or even at doorways for good fortune.


Top CNY flowers to get:

  • Pussy willow to welcome fresh spring and youth, 
  • Money plant for endless cash flows, and 
  • The lucky bamboo for well… luck.

Your home will be beaming with positive energy before your guests even arrive.


Step 3: Prepare Ang Baos

Ang Baos are a way to pass on good wishes to others. To avoid embarrassing situations, do a quick search online for the going market rate (about $3 to $5 is a good average). Feel free to be generous and go beyond market expectations. After all, Chinese New Year is all about giving too.


Step 4: Shop for CNY goodies

In Singapore, Chinese New Year isn’t the holiday it is without snacks.

Besides the usual savoury essentials like Abalone, Yu Sheng, and Peng Cai, there’s a whole other menu for CNY snacks that have you helplessly queuing for hours from store to store.

Because stakes are so high for your first time hosting CNY,  saving time wherever you can is a solid strategy that only seasoned hosts are fluent in. So for an all-in-one-place to buy your CNY snacks, shop online at Durian law. Get your snacks in just a few clicks, and you no longer need to wait in line. We even do deliveries right to your doorstep.

With all this bonus time saved, you can spend more time ensuring your home is nothing less than perfect for welcoming visitors who are already on their way. Here are some of the CNY goodies you can get for your home.

Pineapple Goodness

Open-faced tarts or pineapple balls? This is quite the point of contention even between the closest of families. So why not get both? Whether it’s open or in a ball, you’ll find both of the best pineapple tarts in Singapore on our website.

Spice Things Up

Addictive spicy prawn rolls are a must-have classic at every Chinese New Year gathering that never disappoint. A safe yet delicious choice to keep your guests happy and wanting more.

Durian Puff

Not traditionally part of CNY celebrations, surprise your guests when you buy durian puffs as a special after-dinner dessert.  

Shop all of these must-have CNY goodies and more in our full menu.


Step 5: Practice makes perfect

Lastly, practice all of your Chinese New Year Greetings when you welcome guests. Wish your friends and family good health, fortune, and wealth for 2021. Psst. Bonus points if you manage to put in a punny mention of the Ox, the zodiac of 2021.

And there you have it! Our 5-step secret guide to hosting your first CNY decoded for you. With the season approaching, you have everything you need to start planning today!