The Durian Law

Christmas Dark Chocolate Bundle

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Upgrade your Christmas celebrations with our premium bundle of dark chocolate logcake, chocolate mochi and chocolate puff. We have created the signature dark chocolate logcake with a rich creamy chocolate cream cake base encased with a smooth and rich dark chocolate ganache, sprinkled with 24K edible gold dust!

Pair our dark chocolate logcake with delectable pastries - creamy ooze chocolate puffs and soft decadent chocolate mochi. 


Bundle Deal Set

1 Dark Chocolate Logcake (750g)

16 Chocolate Mochi Pieces 

10 Chocolate Puff Pieces (1 Box)

* Comes in a gold The Durian Law embossed cake box


Serving: 6-12 pax

Storage: 5 days in fridge, 2 weeks in freezer

Delivery Date:  All Logcakes available from December onwards. Pre-Order now to secure your slot and get 10% OFF with code: XMAS10

*Sliced cakes presented are less than actual cake slices