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Kueh Bangkit

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Kueh Bangkit is a delicate treat that traces its origins to traditional Malay snacks. Made from tapioca flour, our cookies have a light and airy texture.

Producing it with high quality is no easy feat as we work hard getting moisture out of the flour. To infuse it with a sweet and creamy flavour, we select only premium coconuts and harvest them for their high quality cream.

Each bite will surely roll back childhood memories, not too bad for a small and delicate cookie.


Our Promise: 

Every one of our products are proudly made in Singapore, by hand. We guarantee freshness in every jar as we are highly selective with the ingredients and suppliers we use.

We take great pride in producing exquisite treats for you and your family to indulge in. 


*Receive 1 FREE 10 Head Abalone with any 4 Jars ordered

Storage Recommendation:

**Products can be stored for 30 days in ambient temperature.