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Melting Almonds

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Crumbly and sweet with an exquisite mouthfeel, Melting Almonds are a close favourite after Pineapple Tarts during the New Year festivities.

Our Melting Almonds are both buttery and crumbly with the right balance of almonds to keep you eating away.

With a light egg yolk wash over our cookies, they are then baked to a stunning golden brown that’s hard to resist.

So if you’re a big almond fan, you might want to hide these away when guests are around.

Our Promise: 

Every one of our products are proudly made in Singapore, by hand. We guarantee freshness in every jar as we are highly selective with the ingredients and suppliers we use.

We take great pride in producing exquisite treats for you and your family to indulge in. 


Storage Recommendation:

**Products can be stored for 30 days in ambient temperature.