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Prawn Roll

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A definite must-have at New Year are Prawn Rolls.

Simply put, they’re addictive and it’s impossible to put them down once you begin.

Our Prawn Rolls are lightly spiced but pack a definite punch with every bite.

You’ll taste the impactful flavour of shrimp that’s hand caught from the shores of Malaysia and freshly delivered, to be baked into perfect little crispy and tongue-tingling rolls.

You’ll be able to taste the freshness of our shrimp even if your Prawn Rolls happen to last through the New Year festivities.

But we don't think you can resist the temptation of our Prawn Rolls that long...


Our Promise: 

Every one of our products are proudly made in Singapore, by hand. We guarantee freshness in every jar as we are highly selective with the ingredients and suppliers we use.

We take great pride in producing exquisite treats for you and your family to indulge in. 


Storage Recommendation:

**Products can be stored for 30 days in ambient temperature.