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Red Velvet Cookies

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A modern take on the festivities, our Red Velvet Cookies are a must have for anyone with a sweet-tooth. Having them around at home isn’t just great for you and your guests’ tastebuds but perfect for ushering in the New Year with its auspicious red exterior. Baked to a perfect crispy exterior while maintaining a soft chewy interior, these cookies are great to get lost in as you chat and reunite with friends and family.

Every single one of our products are proudly made in Singapore, by hand. We guarantee freshness in every jar as we are selective with the range of produce and suppliers we use. 

We take great pride in producing exquisite treats for you and your family. You’ll find our treats on par with storied establishments but at greater value.


*Receive 1 FREE 10 Head Abalone with any 4 Jars ordered


**Products can be stored for a recommended period of 30 days in ambient temperature.